Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

1) You have experienced past and/or present trauma that has you locked into a pattern of dissatisfaction, belittlement, lack of safety, and/or abuse in your relationships with:

o Your inner critic

o Your loved ones

o Your workplace colleagues

If you see yourself in any or all of these examples—then WELCOME HOME!


About the Community

Being bully proof means you are able to: live fearlessly and to define yourself by your untapped potential, in both your career and personal life! has been designed to support you in all the areas of your life that you so masterfully juggle, because:

  1. You are already FABULOUS in your effortless perfection as a partner, professional, and parent… now you deserve a resource that is about YOU taking your personal and professional fulfillment to the next level.
  1. is your one-stop destination for helping you to TRANSFORM the way you relate to yourself, your loved ones, and your workplace tribe.


Are you ready to create a life at home and work that HARNESSES your brilliance, beauty, and fierceness?

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How the Community Will Ignite Your Success & Fulfillment Factor

Still not sure if the community is for YOU? You are in the right place if any and/or many of the statements below are true for you:


  • Beneath your BEST game face (in secret), your life is defined by choices you make due to labels you have been called, including:  1) Stupid 2) Fat 3) Worthless 4) Ugly 5) _____________________ (fill in the word that particularly kicks you in the gut).
  • Your inner critic plagues you with the feeling that you are never enough
• You often struggle to no avail to take care of yourself meaningfully, because you are BUSY taking care of everything and everybody else.


  • Although you seldom discuss it aloud, your multifaceted roles leave you feeling DEPLETED and UNDERVALUED.
• Your relationships with your friends, family, and/or romantic partner(s) have dishonored you by taking more from you than you receive.


  • The culture in your workplace leads to your coming home each night empty; by the time you stumble home, you don’t have anything left to give anybody in your personal life, including yourself.
  • You recognize that there is value for your company and co-workers in creating a positive workplace community where people are honored, respected, and included more holistically.


THEN—the BULLY-PROOF DIVA is the RIGHT place for YOU.

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ABOUT ME (the Founder of

Thank YOU for joining the Tribe. Let me introduce myself:

My name is Traciana Graves (aka the Bully Proof Diva). I am fueled by the boundless passion to create bully-proof lives and workplaces for all, because I have been able to TRANSFORM each of these areas in my own personal and professional lives.

I had been a nationally recognized bullying prevention strategist for nine years, yet I still found my own life locked in an unrelenting chokehold of limiting experiences at work and at home—until one day, when I finally had enough and decided to use my expertise to develop a process to BULLY PROOF every aspect of my own life. The results have been ALCHEMIC.

Today, I live each moment of my BULLY PROOFED LIFE in awe! I am nourished and thrilled by the way I relate to myself and to the people I have chosen to include in my personal life. My leadership and collaborative relationships with my professional colleagues have led to unprecedented financial success.

To learn more about my qualifications, you can visit my official bio page.

The community is FREE to join and is committed to supporting individuals who want to create their ideal lives at work and in their personal lives. is designed to offer you the support, insights, and resources that are essential to personal and professional fulfillment.

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