Traciana GravesPreventing the various types of workplace bullying can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Harassment, discrimination, coercion, incivility, gossiping, exclusion, violence, put-downs – all of it is bullying and all of it is harmful. As laws continue to change, companies remain susceptible to lawsuits and fines. In addition to legal battles and increasing corporate responsibility, workplace bullying contributes to lost productivity and man-hours, as well as depression, PTSD and anxiety for victims. It harms the company whether or not it’s reported.

Traciana’s programs and ongoing training help companies create highly efficient, ligation-proof workplaces. With her techniques and tools designed specifically for HR and corporate training, your company can experience the benefits of a synergized, mutually respectful and efficient team of employees. Her methods are proven to create and foster a safe, productive community where quality, performance, and company loyalty are high.

As America’s leading expert on bullying and bully prevention, Traciana’s insights have been regularly mentioned in national media including Fox Business, Working Mother, WPIX, Huffington Post, and AOL. Her presentations to over one-hundred Fortune 500 companies have been called “as effective as they are engaging,” “proven to increase quality,” and “indispensable to a safe and operating work culture.”

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