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The Silent Epidemic,” otherwise know as WORKPLACE BULLYING, is one of the greatest challenges that undermines the well-being of every company and organization today. Effective, visionary leaders are committed to implementing sustainable and comprehensive means to rid bullying from their workplace culture on an ongoing basis.

The Bully Proof Diva Blog editorial staff has specifically designed this blog to provide tangible and meaningful resources for leaders and teams committed to creating safe and inspired places to work and live.

The BPD vlogs and blogs offer the necessary tools to help individuals create happy, healthy, and bully proof careers and lives.

The Bully Proof Diva IS NOT intended for leaders and teams that hover around half-hearted efforts to prevent the following statistics:

  • Over 15 million Americans report receiving psychologically aggressive behavior – each week.
  • 55 million Americans report having experienced bullying in the workplace.
  • 26 states have pending workplace bullying prevention legislation.

We create content for executives and individuals excited about the opportunity to provide a model for their company and others to shift the mainstream, unspoken trend of incivility in the workplace to a more positive direction.

My name is Traciana Graves and I am THE BULLY PROOF DIVA. My manifesto is for people to stand and say, “I AM BEING BOLD, BRILLIANT and BULLY PROOF at work and in LIFE.”

I have lived through bullying at work and at home and transformed my own life and experiences, all of which has led me to research, study and produce positive transformative results for the workplace and in peoples’ lives. My passion for creating such inspiring environments has created a path where I am now a highly sought-after, anti-bullying strategist.

I and the Bully Proof Diva editorial staff look forward to learning how the BULLY PROOF DIVA Blog impacts you and your teams.

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