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New England native writer Janice Berte can now add accomplished author to her track record. With the release of her debut children’s book, Why am I so fat, Mommy? Janice hopes to tackle two serious issues with her book, childhood obesity and bullying. Despite this being her debut novel, Janice has already gotten the attention of the first lady Michelle Obama for the book’s positive message. Janice shares her thoughts on her newfound success, her book and her future goals.

Bullyproofdiva: Can you tell us a little about your book, Why Am I So Fat, Mommy?
Janice Berte: This is a book for ages 8-13 but I feel like everyone can find something to relate to it. It’s about a little boy who gets picked on. He gets called names and as a result of this bullying he’s unable to perform successfully in his academics and social life. It gets so bad that the parents and teachers get involved; they all decide to incorporate a healthier diet for their school meals as well and regular exercising for all as well as a weekly Nutrition Day to teach the kids about dieting and proper eating. It all comes down to the parents but sometimes they don’t know what’s going on if the child doesn’t tell me. This will help educate both parents and children on how to properly diet, eat and exercise.

Why Am I So Fat Mommy
BPD: What inspired you to write this book?
Janice: I’ve been a writer for the past 20 years, due to all the unfortunate news of childhood obesity and bullying I wanted to write something that would inspire kids and give them hope. It. When I was very young, I was a little chubby and a victim of bullying so I feel like I could relate to what these children are going through.

BPD:  Where can people find your book?
Janice:  It’s available on Amazon as well as local big stores.

BPD:  What was it like receiving a letter from Michelle Obama?
Janice:  I sent her a copy of my book because it’s been a part of her platform to educate and combat childhood obesity. I received a letter from her congratulating me on my work and how informative my book is. I really didn’t think I’d hear back from her because she’s so busy, I was surprised to get a personalized letter from the white house. For a small time writer Massachusetts, this was a very humbling experience.

BPD:  Are there any upcoming projects in the works?
Janice:  I would like to write another book about organizing. I consider myself an organizational expert and I feel like that’s something we could all use from time to time. Right now, I’m doing a book tour in Massachusetts but I am hoping to expand soon. I’m always on Facebook, so there’ll be tour dates there.

 How can people get a hold of you?
Janice:  I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn under Janice Elizabeth Berte but I do invite readers and fans to email me about any questions, comments and feedback at

BPD:  Do you have any words of advice to the parents, children and readers out there?
Janice:  For the parents, I would simply say, get involved. Don’t wait for others to get involved or help, you need to get involved first as far helping your child. For the children and readers remember that health starts with you first.

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