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Being a cast member on a reality show like Love and Hip-Hop can be a bit much for some people to deal with. Folks tune in once a week to get a very miniscule look into your life, but that’s more than enough for them to believe that they’ve got you figured out. Once viewers decide who they think you are, they are all over social media and the blogs making their opinions known. Many of those same folks have absolutely no problems taking their opinions directly to the source, tagging cast members on Instagram, twitter or whatever they can find them on, with hateful comments, trash talk and even threats. Love and Hip-Hop New York’s Chrissy Monroe has only been on the show for a few months but already she’s no stranger to the hate. We recently caught up with her to discuss how it makes her feel and how she deals with it.

Chrissy almost instantly made an image for herself when she joined the show because she had past history with longstanding cast member Erica Mena. Monroe and Mena had it out and Monroe even got physical with the fan favorite. Fans easily figured that they knew who they thought she was then. A BULLY!  “She had it coming,” Monroe offered, when explaining, saying that their ten year history was too much to cover on the show, but Mena is no angel.

When asked how she feels about being called a bully on social media, she laughed it off saying that Erica had been a bully for years on the show and in fact it was time for the bully to get some of her own medicine. “A lot of people got to see that one little incident with this girl, but I am so anti that,” Chrissy assured us.  So she’s not a bully after all.

That seems to be the case.  Chrissy has stayed away from the drama since that incident, though who knows what the season finale may have in store when Chrissy and Erica come together for the season recap.  Still, she says that her relationships with all the other cast members are perfectly fine.

Haters should probably not waste time cyber bullying Chrissy based on whatever opinions they made. While she spends a lot of time managing her own social media profiles she assures us that the taunts and slick comments make little impact on her life. ” I have such a thick skin.  For  you to hurt me, you gotta be someone who knows me. You gotta be a relative, I gotta be in love with you, you gotta be one of my close friends for you to say something that hurts me.” That’s a great trait to have in this industry where everyone has an opinion, about everything!

written by Keith Washington

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