Bully Proof Diva’s Resources

Here, you’ll find one of the most comprehensive lists of resources about bullying on the web. For the past decade, Traciana has been researching statistics, articles, quizzes, studies, reports and interviews about bullying. She has compiled the best of these all in one place and categorized them for your convenience and use. With these links and by taking action in your workplace and life, you can make all of your environments bold, brilliant, and bully free.

Help for the Workplace

Workplace bullying has gained increased attention in recent years, and many organizations (including this one!) offer support to workplace targets of bullying and to bullies themselves. Use these resources for insightful information and viable solutions about this problem.

What the Law Does

Federal law prohibits workplace harassment, and companies found guilty of inaction are liable to receive fines. Harassment is linked to discrimination and generally occurs due to the gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability of an individual, whereas bullying is not limited to these conditions. Unfortunately, there are no workplace laws that prohibit bullying. In the past seven years, laws specific to workplace bullying have been introduced in 21 states, yet many have failed to pass: Only 11 states have active bills pending. New York’s pending law, the Healthy Workplace Bill, would allow bullied employees to sue for psychological, physical and/or emotional damages. Although the laws are slow to pass, support for them is gaining traction as studies continue to demonstrate that workplace bullying is damaging, not only for employees and bystanders, but also for a company’s overall financial health.

Help in the Workplace

The Financial Toll of Workplace Bullies – This article describes how fiscally devastating bullies can be to a work environment:


Workplace Bullying Institute – An informative and user-friendly website that shares research, media coverage and information for bullied workers and businesses interested in eradicating bullying in the workplace:


Workplace Bullying Cost is High: $180M in Lost Time, Productivity – The financial cost of workplace harassment and bullying is explored in depth:

Recognize and Prevent Workplace Bullying – Learn the warning signs that you or someone you know is being bullied at work – and what YOU can do about it!

Ten Signs You’re Being Bullied at Work – Are you being bullied at work? This article will help you determine whether your uneasy feeling is business – or bullying:

What to Do about Workplace Bullies – How can you diffuse a situation and maintain your job satisfaction? There is a way!

Help for Women in the Workplace

Spark Change in the Workplace – How women can support other women in today’s workplace:

Backlash: Women Bullying Women at Work – A look into why women tend to bully other women in the workplace:

Bubble To Boardroom – A self-described “paradigm-busting” conference that gives you in-depth information on how to succeed in your career:
Womensphere – An organization dedicated to unleashing women’s potential and creating opportunities in the workplace and beyond:

Ladies Who Launch – Empowering female entrepreneurs to tell the world about their businesses:

Be An Architect of Change – Ten ways to be the change you want to see in the world –starting with your workplace!

This Emotional Life – Information, contributing factors, helping yourself, and harmful effects of bullying: