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Most of the time, I am empowered and prepared for anything, but this particular night, I felt everything except powerful.  If powerful is one end of a spectrum, I was on the opposite end … a place we’ll call “staggerful”. I was dead dog tired and trying to do that thing called “figuring it all out” while slothfully meandering to the checkout where we all go to make heads or tails of our lives … our local Wal-Mart! As I took note of the absent hustle and bustle the store had, I leisurely made my way to the eager beaver cashier waiting to provide impeccable customer service. Needing to break our gaze, I glanced down, tending to important Social Media business after seeing a new message in my Book of Faces. I quickly saw the words, i-Comfortable Victim,” so my interest was immediately peaked.

What I read caused me to drop to my knees with hands lifted in thanksgiving as tears streamed down my cheeks. With this suspect behavior, a swarm of concerned cashiers quickly surrounded me inquiring if I was alright and did I require medical attention. The look of elation revealed to them I was fine, but left them befuddled as to why I was crying with my hands. The message I received in my Book of Faces was from the talented Lex Leosis, who I later learned was a young songstress. Her message in my Book of Faces was the first review of i-Comfortable Victim, which is the story of my life as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that went undisclosed and unresolved my entire life. The novelty of i-Comfortable Victim is it’s told through a therapeutic, fictional lens.

I later discovered Ms. Leosis was commissioned by my management team to perform a one of a kind poem at my book release party in Austin.  She masterfully delivered her rendition of what i-Comfortable Victim meant to her and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Her incredibly moving tribute to survivors of childhood sexual abuse is now shared with the world and can be viewed through the Tube 2 VuU On at  Through Social Media Lex deposited something in me no one on earth could have given me at that time. Her words in my Book of Faces were, “After reading i-Comfortable Victim, I understand myself better than I ever have.” She let me know the work I set out to do in i-Comfortable Victim was achieved and she now has tremendous heart space with me thanks to Social Media.

Childhood sexual abuse is an insidious cancer that has reached epidemic proportions and not the easiest topic to discuss. The shame and blame is an automatic bi-product of being a survivor of a crime that turned our most innocent of qualities against us. Our innate nature to love, give, please, and accept were maliciously used against us in sinister ways. Through Social Media I am able to empower survivors by dismantling walls that have encapsulated their hearts for decades and even lifetimes. They are now moving from the degenerate corner of Limp and Listless where the abuse dropped them off to an amazing safe haven called Blissful and Gainful Boulevard. They are ready to live well with their truth, because TRUTH HAS NO JUDGMENT.

Social Media has providing me the venue I need to blow the lid off this secreted, vicious crime that has devastating consequences on our most vulnerable and valuable citizens. My book, i-Comfortable Victim, is riveting, suspenseful, mysterious, entertaining, provocative, educational, and resourcefully healing. A “who done it” read that will keep you guessing to the very end, but it doesn’t stop there. Every great book must have an equally great front cover to attract the reader’s attention and i-Comfortable Victim’s cover doesn’t disappoint. The cover is stunningly symbolic, a subtle depiction of innocence lost and hopeful promise of victory gained.

To further illustrate my point, my dear friend, Schuronda Cruel, contacted me through Social Media to share a major breakthrough in her life as a result of i-Comfortable Victim. Her revelations were so contagious, we graduated from the Book of Faces to the phone and discussed how she arrived at an emotional place of peace and inner healing she never thought possible. For decades, she allowed the destructive forces that lie beneath the fashioned facade of a survivor’s life to undermine everything she worked so hard to build, never truly believing she could be free from the chains that crippled her.

Through chaIN LINKED I met a beautiful fellow author and motivational speaker who by way of a quaint luncheon mentioned a fascinating motivational speaker and business coach named Dr. Venus Reese. Mrs. Ransom was convinced Dr. Venus needed to be a chain in my link and she was graciously made the introductions. Within a few short months, I found myself sitting under Dr. Venus tutelage and gleaning pearls of wisdom from her Defy Impossible program that is now sweeping the nation. Through Social Media Dr. Venus launched the Black Women Millionaire Live Event in Dallas; nothing would stop me from participating in this extraordinary, lavish milestone. To capture the greatness of this occasion, I made certain to snap lots of pictures, which I uploaded to my Book of Faces. One picture, in particular, caught the attention of a stranger who later became a friendly face whose face time encounters turned into so much more.

So, here’s where the story gets juicy and takes a dynamic twistJ. I am ecstatic to announce I became engaged to the man of my dreams this past Valentine’s Day. Guess where we met? Yep, the amazing Book of Faces! Posting that one “particular” picture during the Live Event changed the trajectory of my life. It took Social Media to bring me to the man I thought couldn’t possibly exist and if he did, I’d never find. All I have to say is, THANK GOD FOR SOCIAL MEDIA … because of it I get to spend the rest of my life in the arms of the most gentle spirited, gifted, loving, intelligent, and attractive, nah attractive is an understatement … FIIIINNNNNNE man on the planet!

Visit Barnes & Noble store or website or to purchase i-Comfortable Victim. Purchase an e-book, autographed copy, or to consult with Ms. Broussard visit Go to www.byondtheunveiling to make a tax deductible donation to the nonprofit dedicated to the pursuit of eradicating childhood sexual abuse.

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