Dear HR Professionals, Visionary Executives, and Thought Leaders:

Traciana Graves

Innovation is the key to success – the key to innovation is a multicultural workforce. Retaining and sustaining a multicultural and multi-generational workforce are both the greatest opportunity, and greatest challenge, for any company. Making your organization Bully Proof is critical to attaining this innovative, diverse workforce.

Workplace bullying, in all its forms—incivility, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, verbal abuse, violence, and cyber-bullying—is an international epidemic that undermines the innovation and productivity of every industry. As leaders of the world’s most influential industries, you and your organizations are in the spotlight—especially when incidents of workplace bullying occur inside your doors.

The media is quick to highlight incidents of abuse, putting you at risk for litigation and lawsuits that can cost millions and cripple your organization. Companies and teams can no longer afford to look the other way.

Without guidance, preventing incivility in the workplace can seem daunting. My team and I are dedicated to providing solution-based resources and training that have been proven to enhance collaboration, innovation, and inclusive communication. Our training is also designed to be specific to your industry to ensure that your company is litigation-proof.

With new laws pending that aim to crack down on workplace injustice, your companies are under pressure to initiate practices that actively work to eliminate bullying in all its forms. Never before has it been so essential to create a safe and cohesive workplace.

I invite you to follow the resources, links, and expertise offered on this page to the sections that are relevant to you.

It is our responsibility to create a safe, cohesive workplace. When we unite against bullying, everyone wins.
Highest Regards,

Traciana Graves


What You Can Expect from Working with Me
A Brief Introduction of Who I Am
My Speaking Video Clips
Ongoing Training and Executive Coaching
Next Steps In Working with Me


What You Can Expect from Working with Me

I understand the challenge of finding an impactful speaker who is able to seamlessly engage and entertain participants while educating them on critical information.

In my role as a nationally recognized speaker and trainer who has worked with hundreds of audiences of all sizes, I understand that the success of any effective presentation is directly linked to the skill of the speaker.

I have created this section to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on allowing me to serve you and your event.

I thank you for your time. I appreciate your consideration of allowing me contribute to your success.

Here is what I offer when I work with clients:

In addition to providing your audience with one of the most interactive, engaging, and effective presentations covering your requested learning outcomes, here is what I am committed to providing you:

  • Immediate and thorough responses to all of your phone and e-mail communications.
  • Two phone consultations to identify the needs, audience, and expectations of your event.
  • Support in promoting your event.
  • A customized follow-up resource page created for your audience, which will include all slides from the presentation and links to follow-up resources.
  • Follow-up communication to confirm I met your expectations.
  • A complimentary follow-up analysis consultation to identify how I might offer additional support and training for your goals.


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A Brief Introduction of Who I Am

I have been an internationally acclaimed performer for over twenty years. Over the past ten years, I have primarily focused on being one of the most engaging and effective speakers and trainers. I have worked with over one hundred Fortune 500 companies, including Forbes, Bloomberg, JP Morgan, Mount Sinai Hospital, and UBS., I have been featured as a nationally recognized thought leader in my field on national media outlets such as Fox Business, Working Mother, AOL, and the Huffington Post.

I am also a mother to an incredible soon-to-be second-grader.

To see my full official bio, click here.

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My Video Clips

I speak to the most influential industries, companies, and conferences in the country. Here is my official speaking reel.

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Ongoing Training and Executive Coaching

I offer organizational training and executive coaching for organizations of any size. Through ongoing organizational training and executive coaching, I am committed to making workplace bullying obsolete by partnering with employees and leaders throughout your organization to create customized and sustained workshops, training, and initiatives that enable participants to achieve positive results in their lives and careers.
Through the process of Executive Coaching the leaders that I serve:

  • Develop strategies to establish a culture, protocols and performance that prevent bullying and its various forms in the workplace, including harassment, violence, sexual assault, and cyberbullying
  • Improve their workplace performance
  • Enhance effective communication, collaboration and productivity
  • Foster greater appreciation for inclusion
  • Stand up to the workplace bully or bullies
  • Create strategies and protocols to create a community of respect and dignity for all employees

During ongoing training sessions, participants and groups:

  • Learn to interact with one another as a cohesive team with shared goals
  • Explore how to survey and include feedback from others
  • Craft initiatives that focus on creating and maintaining a healthy, happy workplace
  • Create or reinforce anti-bullying policies in an inspiring, understandable and interesting manner

It is my strategy to stop bullying in the workplace and inculcate an environment of respect and dignity over time. My team and I establish an anti-bullying culture in your workplace by giving employees key information in easy-to-understand portions. In each session, participants establish the focus and goals for the day. This interaction creates self-awareness and moves the participants into action. Coaching accelerates the participants’ progress by providing a strategic approach and perspective that will result in a successful life-changing journey.
My team and I provide ongoing follow-up support during coaching or training sessions to assist participants in moving forward and making progress.

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Next Steps In Working with Me

I thank you for your time. I appreciate your consideration of allowing me contribute to the success of your event and I look forward to working with you. Click the purple button below to start a conversation with my booking team.


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