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Victoria E. Broussard, a practicing attorney in Texas, author of the book i-Comfortable Victim and a survivor of sexual abuse, has made it her mission in life to help a group of people much of society looks past. With her nonprofit organizations, B’yond The Unveiling and Open Heart Journey, Broussard has dedicated much of her time to helping survivors of abuse, their families and even some offenders.

When Victoria was a little girl, she was sexually abused by a neighbor. When she was 5 years old living with her grandparents, she was raped by a neighbor. When a young Victoria sought help from her grandmother she was basically told not to tell what happened. Such a horrible act not only took away her innocence as a child but also affected her well into adulthood. She spent many years being preyed upon by a number of different molesters, for Victoria this would almost became the norm for her.  For years, Victoria was depressed but didn’t know why. As a result she busied herself with work throughout the years as a way of avoiding her internal pain.  She even entered into a loveless, abusive marriage after looking for love in all the wrong places, an all too common story for many who have been abused. It was then that something clicked inside of her, she decided to write her life story in the form of a fictional novel i-Comfortable Victim, which is loosely based on true events. Victoria now tours the contry, telling her story and helping others find their voice and letting people like herself know that they aren’t alone.

Victoria’s organization, B’yond The Unveiling’s main purpose is to eradicate sexual abuse as well as providw support for survivors, families and offenders. There are a lot of organizations that will help survivors and families of abuse of all types but the one thing that separates Victoria’s is that hers is probably one of the only few that exist with an aim to help the offenders as well as the victims.

Victoria knows and understands that one of the problems with such a sensitive matter is that there’s no second chance help for those who have offended. Once they’ve committed the act, they’re branded as societal leeches and shunned. Even those who wish to change aren’t able to find the outlets to help them do so. Victoria plans to start another nonprofit called Open Heart Journey which will look to inspire the victims of sexual abuse to move towards a brighter future so that they can find happiness within themselves like Victoria was able to do for herself.

Being a survivor, author, lawyer and community organizer isn’t the only thing Victoria has going on, she’s a mother of a son who’s in school on both an academic and basketball scholarship, she’s also engaged to the man of her dreams.  Although this newfound success for Victoria seems sudden, it has been a long time coming in regards to everything she has been through.

Readers can find Victoria Broussard’s book i-Comfortable Victim in many bookstores and online at places like For those looking to learn more about Victoria and her nonprofit organizations you can find out more information at:, and her law office website

She can also be found on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter just by searching her name Victoria E. Broussard.

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